How is Share™ better than other platforms? - Share™ – Always Care, Always There

Instead of better, we prefer to call it “uniquely relevant”. For a start,

  1. Booking confirmation is instant and 24×7. Unlike others, we won’t ask you to fill up pages upon pages of pre-consultation questionnaires and wait days (or weeks) before a therapist (or his/her assistant) reply with an appointment date. All bookings are confirmed by therapists over the Share™ app – direct, fast – whether you need them now, or in the next hour.
  2. Consultation is in-app and interactive. No installation of 3rd-party meeting apps like Zoom or Skype to start a consultation. Inside Share™ is a proprietary videotelephony communication module that not only allows you to meet face-to-face with the therapist online but at a high degree of interaction, made possible by its built-in annotation, screen sharing, chat, recordings tools and many more. You can never achieve the same experience with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facetime too.
  3. One flat, low fee for all consultations. Whether it’s group or individual therapy, and regardless of the issues you wish to consult on and languages, Share™ charges one single, affordable price. Also, stop wasting your hard-earned money on seemingly low-cost alternatives that commit you to a monthly subscription, yet offer you mainly text and/or phone consultations that sometimes take the therapist hours (even days) to respond. Such consultation could be counterproductive.