May I remain anonymous on Share™? - Share™ – Always Care, Always There

Privacy Mode is enabled prior to every session. This allows you to chat with our therapists with your device cameras switched off – until you are ready to turn them on.

Personal details are not required when you register an account on the Share™ app – only your mobile number, for authentication purposes. With the account, you will be able to explore the rich, self-help contents we have prepared, with the hope to improve our users’ quality of life. It’s free.

Ready to start a therapy session? That is when your personal particulars are needed. We ask that you provide as much information as possible at this point, for one or more of the reasons below:

  1. To satisfy the requirements set forth by various licensing bodies the therapists are affiliated to. All therapists are also covered by professional indemnity insurance and could only extend the coverage to you, where applicable, if sufficient information is received.
  2. In case of emergency, our therapists will be able to contact someone for help.
  3. For account and password recovery.

We treat all user information with the strictest confidence and abide by the personal data protection acts in your country to the best of our ability. Similarly, we do not trade the information with a third-party.