Coach for Success: Education

Boost Your Child’s Grades by Up to 4 Levels. Guaranteed.

The truth is, today’s children face more distractions than ever. Your child is intelligent and earnest in every way. Equip them with the right mindset to excel not only in their academic journey but in life as well.

Why Educational Coaching Works


  • Emotional Regulation: Helps children manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions that can affect concentration and performance.

  • Improved Focus: Teaches techniques to enhance attention and reduce distractions.

  • Better Study Habits: Provides strategies for effective studying and time management.

  • Self-Confidence: Boosts self-esteem and confidence, leading to a more positive attitude towards schoolwork.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Enhances critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Behavioural Interventions: Addresses behavioural issues that may hinder academic performance.

  • Parental Involvement: Engages parents in supporting their child’s educational journey.

  • Motivation: Encourages intrinsic motivation and a love for learning.


Research Shows Coaching Can Improve Grades by Up to

(Source: Department of Education,

Lifelong Impacts

Help your child achieve their full potential. For Life.

Boost critical thinking, self-esteem and confidence

Enhance attention and reduce distractions

Improve parental and other interpersonal relationships

Boost self-esteem and confidence

Effective studying and time management strategies

All at a One-time Investment of S$1,600

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Program Features

1-to-1 Coaching: 10 sessions with dedicated support throughout the program.
Online Sessions: Flexible scheduling.
Customized Pace: Sessions tailored to your child’s needs.
Post-Program Support: Ongoing assistance.
Money-back Guarantee: If no improvement upon program completion.


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