About Share

TheShareCo hopes to restore positive and meaningful lives through Share™.

Share™ is an online, on-demand therapy app that allows you to find a therapist instantly, affordably and anonymously – at one low, flat fee, as individuals or groups.

3 Out Of 5 Do Not Seek Help

according to a mental health survey conducted across 10 countries, for clinical-level challenges. For non-clinical, it’s a staggering 84%! Here’s why:


not sure how


lacks confidence




cannot afford

Share Offers A Simple Yet Practical Solution 

We’ve removed the difficulties, high costs and stigma in locating that right therapist, so that you may find the mental health guidance you need.

One App Is All You Need: Share

Share is Online, On-demand Therapy and more:

Instant confirmation, start now or later - 24x7

Stay anonymous (if you wish)

Built-in tools that makes online counselling feel face-to-face

One flat, low fee regardless of issue, language and group size

Multilingual: English, 中文,Melayu, தமிழ் and more

How Share Works

Is Share Safe And Secure?

Your wellbeing is our priority. Be assured that what you say and what you write is only shared with your counsellor in your private online therapy space.

All sessions are encrypted end-to-end - HIPAA-compliant

Only you and your therapist may review session information

No unsecured, cumbersome third-party apps to install

Let us help you work towards your goal of bringing positive change and overcoming your issues. Together, we can use technology and a network of trusted and qualified psychotherapists to accomplish your wellness goals.

Share for Businesses

Learn how Share™ can help your employees achieve mental wellness + productivity through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)!