Employee Assistance Programme in Singapore

Help Your Co-workers Seek
Confidential and Critical Mental Health Support

at their own time and convenience, through our comprehensive yet affordable plans, starting from S$8 a day per organisation!

“Mental Health Is A Leading Cause For Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs”



of workers experience moderate to high levels of stress.


admit their productivity has been impacted in the last two years.


of work-related disabilities are related to mental health.


of work absence is attributable to some form of mental illness.

Always Care. Always There.

Your team is the most vital asset in the company, and healthy workers bring resilience and reliability to an organisation — it’s critical to ensure that the welfare and well-being of your workforce are supported.

Healthy Employees. Hardy Workforce.

We have a tailored package for every workplace, from start-ups to large companies.

From as low as S$8 a day per organisation, you get:

From 2 therapy sessions every month (rollover allowed)

Can be used by anyone in your team with complete anonymity. Increase productivity, loyalty, and staff retention. Unused sessions can be rolled over to the following month.

The Share™ EAP Badge

Can be used on all your public communications and programs to show that you are a caring employer, and a responsible corporate citizen.

Recognition As A Share™ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Participant

You will be listed on our website and other ongoing public communications as a Share™ EAP Participant. A great way to tell others that you care, and encourage them to do the same for their co-workers!

Recognition As A Share™ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Sponsor

Let us be a part of your CSR initiatives. A portion of your subscription fee will go into helping needy individuals and families receive free counselling services. Your kind deed shall also be mentioned on all our communications relating to the program.

Our EAP is Unmatched. Guaranteed.

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10 Reasons Why the Share Employee Assistance Program is Best-in-Class

No Fixed Subscription. Start/stop anytime, no lock-in.
On-demand Counselling. Even if you need one at 3AM.
Book Appointments 24x7. Not just during office hours.
Confirm Appointments Instantly. In minutes, not days.
Anonymity Assured. Staff identity is FULLY protected.
Full Online, Face-to-face Counselling. Not text/hybrid.
One Low Price, All Issues - No complicated pricing.
No 3rd-party Apps to Install. Everything is in-app.
Free Mental Wellness Workshop. Need we say more?
Gift Unused Sessions to the Needy. Helps fulfil your CSR.

What Users Love about The Share App

"Now after receiving such timely help and assistance, I'm even more assured of using this platform and will definitely recommend it to my friends."

Shermaine A

Verified Share App User

"Such a useful and friendly-interface app for individuals who need counselling. ❤️"

Belle H

Verified Share App User

"What I like about this app is that I can speak to a Therapist instantly and do not need to wait for an appointment. There is also no pages or form to fill. Easy!"

Katherine T

Verified Share App User

"(The) Share app is a lifesaver! They are all qualified therapists, I can now get trusted therapy anytime and anywhere."

Doreen C

Verified Share App User

"I also found the “Draw” and “Chat” functions in the app useful as alternative means for those who can’t express themselves well during the counselling session."

Tay MK

Verified Share App User

"A great lifesaver when I’m feeling depressed with work and kids stress.
I feel much relieved after talking to someone especially an expert whom can really help."

Katrina L

Verified Share App User

"I love that I get the option to remain anonymous throughout the entire session if I so wish to. I have tried out the Share app and found that it is relatively easy to use and navigate around."


Verified Share App User

"I was really felt great after my session and boosted up my confidence."

Navya K

Verified Share App User

"Thankful to found the Share app recently which is an online, in-app counselling app which available 24/7 on-demand. (It) doesn’t let me wait for hours and days for my counselling appointment."

Wennie T

Verified Share App User

"It is super convenient to use at home, and at a place you're most comfortable in without going out. The app offers instant confirmation of appointment, which means you don't need to wait hours or days."

Celine L

Verified Share App User

"...It can feel so depressing especially when I had difficulty falling asleep in the middle of the night. The Share app will be great for struggling mums who just need a listening ear in the wee hours."

Serene L

Verified Share App User

"My experience is totally amazing and I’m able to draw something and present it to my counsellor. The app is user-friendly and the layout is colourful.

Ruien N

Verified Share App User

"My experience with using the (Share) app is like a breeze. The therapist is very friendly and experienced in listening and giving advice. It was really like chatting with a friend."


Verified Share App User

"I love how convenient it is to connect with a qualified therapist through my mobile phone or tablet."

Linda C

Verified Share App User

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