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Ms. Joanne Tan

Ms. Joanne Tan

Master of Arts in Integrative Counselling


Hi there, I’m Joanne!

Anything unexpected can happen to anyone. Sometimes, we are never prepared for it. Not every one of us is resilient enough to face adverse situations. No one was ever born with the knowledge and skillsets to weather unfavourable conditions.

Having crossed paths with many across various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. I witnessed the challenges and struggles that they had to journey through, living a life that didn’t seem genuinely theirs. It didn’t occur to me how important it was to live an authentic life, until the passing of my beloved grandmother. The loss of my pillar of support and strength made me question myself about how I could continue on. I explored deeply and realised I needed to anchor myself towards being grounded. SELF was what I knew I had to do, and S.E.L.F was the acronym I established, for ‘Support your Emotions to Live a Flourishing life’. I learned and helped myself through different new explorations. This journey was indeed challenging. I know how one can lose themselves if there isn’t any available help. I evolved over time, and it brought me to where I am now – a psychotherapist. HELP is what I have to offer you, to guide you to unravel SELF. It is also the sincere, heartfelt gratitude from clients that drives me to my achievement and commitment. Knowing that a mere human being like me can make an impactful positive difference to their life, makes me grateful for my existence.

We, as humans, may at times feel as though we are crumpling into broken pieces. That’s when, perhaps, we may spiral downwards. There may not always be a compass that can guide us when we feel unsure or lost. So, what can we do when we feel we have lost our direction in life?

You and everyone else, have the right to heal from your trauma, pain and stresses to attain happiness. You can achieve to live an optimal functioning life and eventually a flourishing life. I integrated change into my life and so can you. I will assist you in uncovering the best version of you in your therapy journey. Through different integrative counselling techniques, we can build a resilient you. The moments of despair that you have experienced may make you feel as though you are all alone, but if you reach out for help, you are never alone. You don’t have to journey through life on your own, let me take this journey with you.

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