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Mrs. Diane Lee

Mrs. Diane Lee

Master of Counselling


I like to help people understand themselves better through meaningful therapeutics while helping them to resolve issues that have been troubling them. This is the reason I become a therapist. Seeing results make me continue on.

As a psychotherapy trained counsellor, I have successfully achieve most of the counselling goals for majority of my cases, and receiving a couple of written appreciation for the work done have been moments of fulfilment and satisfaction in my chosen profession.

I received feedback from clients who told me they appreciate the swift response to their distress by simply having a therapist on call. As pointed out by one of the SHARE clients, she liked the fact that she could remain anonymous and the convenience of a 24/7 availability due to working hours constrain. For the same reason, as a therapist, I appreciate the flexibility of time and an effective and competent background work force that allow this to happen.

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