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Mrs. Khyrana Pambudi

Mrs. Khyrana Pambudi

Master of Counselling (Advanced)


I have always been fascinated with human behaviours and the mystery shrouding the human mind. What used to be my hobby of people-watching has pushed me to learn psychology and eventually become a therapist.

I have found the work to be intriguing, inspiring, and rewarding. We know change is inevitable, and often comes with a dose of heavy emotions that might affect us negatively. As long as change stands to exist, I will continue to aid my clients in embracing and regulating their mental woes.

We live in a fast-paced society that blurs the lines between our work and personal lives, which might make us feel that we have no time to seek help. Share resolves that issue by being an easily accessible platform that will enable my clients and me to meet and interact from the comforts of our own space.

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Article Contribution:

The Importance of Counselling in Singapore