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Mr. Marc Venner

Mr. Marc Venner

Masters of Arts in Psychotherapy


Counselling changes lives. I wanted to become part of that change process and studied to become an accredited counsellor during the five years I lived in Singapore. I believe that listening deeply and empathetically to a fellow human’s experiences, both feelings and behaviour, is an extremely empowering technique. In a person-centred approach, clients are the experts in their lives and a counsellor works together with them at defining and achieving their preferred outcome.

I believe it’s important to keep one’s baseline of well-being in sight. If you feel that things are moving in the wrong direction, it might be time to take the first step. Share provides an easy-to-use platform to directly access a qualified professional at the comfort of your fingertips — and you can keep it anonymous if you prefer.

It’s good to talk and I’m happy to listen.

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