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Miss Miranda Mulyana

Miss Miranda Mulyana

Master of Organisational Psychology


Hello, I am Miranda, a Registered Psychologist in Singapore and co-author of “The Undefeated Parent: A Guide to Managing Children’s Stress.

I spent a large amount of my counselling practice in Asia, where I consulted with clients who faced various life challenges. My background in Organizational Psychology and counselling experience has allowed me to conceptualize, empathize with clients’ life experiences, whether it is a struggle in the workplace, or a parenting struggle, to just life’s curveball that’s tossed at us.

I care about progress in my clients and my work is guided by this value that individuals have their unique strengths and it’s about helping them to re-discover their identity and strength to persist in their temporary challenges.

My inspiration for therapy work is largely influenced by my mentor who has taught me to explore questions in a way that normalizes thoughts and feelings and a safe place to talk about these without being judged and continuously be curious about another’s life story.

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