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Miss Sharon Chou

Miss Sharon Chou

Master of Counselling (Advanced)


My experience working in Family Court as a social worker and in other sectors inspired me to become a therapist. Having learned that I’m talented in connecting with people and understanding their deeply hidden needs, I obtained an MA in counselling. I believe we all deserve happiness and self-expression.

Seeing my clients struggling on the inside, walking through with them, and eventually witnessing them achieving what they deserve in the first place, have always been the biggest satisfaction for me. I went through a rough patch myself. It cultivated me to be the therapist that is in the client’s shoes.

Share could fit into it. I aspire to create group work through therapy, meditation, and yoga, to inspire and serve people facing addiction and relationship (all forms) problems. Share being an outstanding platform aiming at helping the aching souls fits my dream of reaching out to a bigger society. Together, we can provide you with a doorway to happiness.

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