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A warm welcome to the world of Share™, and thanks for helping us spread the word! With it, we hope more will find therapy affordable and accessible!

Here are some media assets and write-ups you may use when you share Share™ with your friends and/or followers. Share™ helps save time and money while allowing safe and efficient counselling to take place. They will grow to appreciate that and thank you for your recommendation.

About Share™

Official Names


Product Description

Share is an online, on-demand counselling app that allows its users to hire a therapist instantly, anonymously, and at one low, flat fee.

Competitive Advantages

  • Online, on-demand counselling – anytime, anywhere, 24×7.
  • Instant confirmation of appointment – don’t need to wait hours or days for one, and no pages of form to fill.
  • Stay anonymous during counselling, if you wish.
  • One low, flat fee regardless of issue – individual or group.
  • In-app counselling –no 3rd-party app required. 100% encrypted and secured.
  • Multilingual

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Sample Messages

You may share these sample messages through the various channels you own, for the sole intention of promoting Share™. Specifically,

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Some examples:

Short Captions:

“Need to talk to a professional to solve some of the life challenges you are going through right now? It helps. Try Share, an on-demand, online counselling app that allows you to hire a therapist instantly, anonymously, and at one low, flat fee. There’s just nothing similar and simpler.”

Long Captions:

“Have you ever needed help to solve some of your life challenges – stress, depression, grief, to name a few, and no one is available to offer one? Some therapists/platforms ask you to fill up pages and pages of forms and/or make you wait for days before seeing you, while some have complicated fee structures. I found a therapist on-demand app called “Share”. It connects you 1-on-1 with a qualified therapist – instantly, anonymously – over your mobile phone or tablet. Each session costs S$120, for all issues and whether it’s in individual or group. You may now chat with a therapist anytime, anywhere, without stigma!”

Digital Assets

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The Share™ Logo

The Share App Screenshots

Splash Screen
Onboarding Screen 1
Onboarding Screen 2
Onboarding Screen 3
Home Page
Hire A Therapist Page
Session In-progress
Built-in Annotation Tools

“Problem Series” Ads with Call-to-action

“Help Your Child Series” Ads with Call-to-action

Launch Videos

Founder’s Message on the Official Launch of Share – 7/7/22
It Stops with Me – Break the Cycle, Pass on Happiness (Full TVC)
Share™ is Trusted by Therapists (Ultra 4K)
Better Grades Through Counselling

Quick Guides

Chat with a Trusted and Qualified Therapist in 5 Clicks (30 Sec)

“Aniko Series” Ads with Call-to-action

Grief & Loss
Online Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Work Stress
Study Stress

“Teaser Series” Ads with Call-to-action

The Boy 25 Sec 1×1
The Boy 25 Sec 1×1
The Worker 25 Sec 1×1
The Bully 25 Sec 1×1
Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belongs solely to its author, and not necessarily to Share, its officers and associates. No material is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your a qualified mental health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a condition or treatment.