Share™: A Hidden Gem in the World of Mental Health Support Receives Google Play’s Best of 2023 Award

In an era where mental health advocacy is taking center stage, Share™, our transformative online counseling app, has been honored with the esteemed Google Play Best of 2023 Award in the “Best Hidden Gem” category. This recognition serves as a testament to Share’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing therapy by making it not just a service but a readily available lifeline for those in need.

Breaking the Mold

From its inception, Share aimed to shatter the traditional norms surrounding mental health support. The app was conceived with a vision to provide affordable, accessible, and stigma-free counselling to individuals irrespective of their geographical location or financial means. This ethos has become the driving force behind Share’s humble success and impact on countless lives.

The Google Play Best of 2023 Award: A Milestone Achieved

Receiving the Google Play Best of 2023 Award in the “Best Hidden Gem” category is a monumental achievement for the entire Share team. We extend our deepest gratitude to Google for recognizing the innovative strides we’ve taken in the realm of mental health support. This award is not just a celebration of Share’s excellence but a recognition of the pivotal role technology can play in enhancing the well-being of individuals globally.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Community

To the heart and soul of Share – our users – we owe this achievement to you. Your stories of resilience, your trust in our platform, and your commitment to personal growth have shaped Share into an empowering force within the short span of a year. This award is a shared victory, a culmination of the collective effort we’ve invested in creating a safe space for healing and growth.

Expanding Horizons: Making Mental Health Support Accessible to All

As we bask in the glow of this accomplishment, our focus remains on the future. The Google Play Best of 2023 Award provides us with a powerful platform to amplify our mission: to destigmatize therapy and make mental health support accessible to every individual. Through this recognition, we hope to reach even more people who may be hesitant to take that first step towards seeking help.

Shaping the Narrative: Destigmatizing Therapy

Beyond the digital realm, Share is committed to shaping the narrative around mental health. We believe that seeking support is an act of courage, and therapy is a transformative journey towards self-discovery. The Best of 2023 Award reinforces our belief that the conversation around mental health is evolving, and Share is at the forefront of this positive change.

Continuing the Journey: Stories of Healing

In closing, we extend our deepest thanks to Google, our users, and everyone who has played a part in Share’s incredible journey. This award is not the end but a new chapter in our collective story of healing, growth, and empowerment. Together, let’s continue to share our stories, break down barriers, and redefine what mental health support means in the modern world.