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Online Therapy x Phobia

TheShareCo Content Team

Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which people are afraid of those things which are not actually dangerous or harmful to them. Therefore, one can overcome phobia when one encounters those things personally.

If you have a phobia, you may experience nervousness or anxiety whenever you encounter a certain situation. Sometimes, you know that these feelings are unwarranted, but you just cannot control yourself.

Everybody has experienced anxiety or fear about specific situations on different levels. Here, the question rise: Is phobia curable? They are, and for the most part, without the need for any medication. Therapy is a perfect option, but it also depends on a person’s willingness and readiness to accept it.

Fix Phobia Through Online Counselling

The COVID-19 pandemic at the time of writing is still pretty much alive. If possible, everybody wants to stay at home. In this situation, how can we fix phobia through online counselling? There are many self-help groups we can find out on the internet and some have licensed counsellors managing them. You may discuss your issues here. Many counsellors help their clients via the phone, and online meeting tools like Skype, Hangout, Teams or Zoom. Online therapy is proving to be very helpful as clients heal in their own comfort zone, like a home. Clients may also contact their therapist anytime.

Treatment of Phobia Through Online Counselling

If you have a social phobia, you may gradually overcome the fear by interacting online with a counsellor. Interaction with the therapist by itself is a first step toward curing. Although there are still some later works to be done, eg. going out in a public place, you have already started a process and you can do it.

Control yourself with a strong imagination. To illustrate, if you have a fear of spiders, you can try to imagine a spider coming toward you repeatedly. Gradually, you may start to overcome your fear just by doing this imagination routine.

Through videos. If you have a fear of dogs, the therapist may show you some related videos online that over time, could help you overcome it.

To summarise, all counselling treatments for phobia gradually reduce a person’s fear or anxiety. Therapists will try to change a person’s irrational thoughts into rational ones. Through CBT, clients could change their “fearful thinking” style into positive ones.

Finally, when you are convinced and accept wholly that what you fear cannot harm you, everything will sort out by itself.

Which is Better? Face-to-face Counselling or Online?

Studies have shown that as a medium they are comparable in terms of effectiveness, in treating phobia-related issues. Both client and therapist just have to be equally ready and committed to arriving at the intended outcome of the therapy.

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