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We often consider our body and mind as separate but they are interconnected. Physical illness and mental health have a strong relationship. People with physical illnesses are more prone to mental health problems as compared to healthy individuals. Mental health refers to the psychological, emotional, and social well-being of the individual. It has a strong […]

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  • Living with chronic illness: Why some cope and others don’t

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  • Living with Chronic Illness

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  • Has a serious or chronic illness got you depressed?

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Living with chronic illness: Why some cope and others don’t

What helps some people diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or diabetes stay relatively happy and healthy, while others are devastated? Psychologist Vicki Helgeson explains the traits and mindsets that can make the difference.

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Living with Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness can sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge. It can be demoralizing, scary, isolating, and frustrating.

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Chronic Stress Can Lead to Higher Blood Pressure: Here’s How to Reduce It

Chronic stress is unhealthy for your heart.

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Blood Pressure and Your Brain

High blood pressure (hypertension) can impact your brain as well as your heart. But these 5 steps can help you lower your blood pressure and protect your health.

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Stress: How It Affects Diabetes and How to Decrease It

Diabetes management is a lifelong process. This can add stress to your daily life. Stress can be a major barrier to effective glucose control.

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Cholesterol and Mood: What’s the Link?

It has long been observed that total cholesterol levels are consistently lower in more severely depressed and more aggressive patients.

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Is Stress the Source of Your Blood Sugar Swing?

Right now, COVID-19 stress can feel like a given — and if something causes you stress, it can also trigger an increase if your blood sugar level.

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Managing Depression

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can make you feel confused, distressed, or hopeless. You have to deal with physical pain that leads to emotional pain, because you’re unable to go about your daily life or normal activities. 

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Has a serious or chronic illness got you depressed?

Coping with an illness is hard enough. You may feel tired or in pain. The illness can limit activities you once took for granted. But the effects don’t stop at the physical.

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