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Online Therapy x Phobia

Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which people are afraid of those things which are not actually dangerous or harmful to them. Therefore, one can overcome phobia when one encounters those things personally. If you have a phobia, you may experience nervousness or anxiety whenever you encounter a certain situation. Sometimes, you know […]

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How to overcome fear and anxiety, these 7 steps can help

Back when we lived in caves, we needed to constantly assess whether we were safe. A highly-tuned sensitivity to potential threats was necessary for survival.

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How to Face Your Fears

A little bit of fear is normal. In fact, fear helps you instinctively protect yourself from harm. Your fear might help you to recognize when you’re about to do something dangerous, and it could help you to make a safer choice.

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Overcoming a Fear of Needles

Is needle phobia affecting you or your child’s health? Learn more about the symptoms and causes of trypanophobia and the proven techniques you can use to overcome the problem.

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Coping With the Fear of the Ocean

Thalassophobia is a type of specific phobia that involves a persistent and intense fear of deep bodies of water such as the ocean or sea.

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Understanding Your Fear of Driving

Fears and phobias are part of our daily life. In fact, it’s estimated that 12.5 percent of Americans will experience a specific phobia, like a driving phobia.

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Achluophobia (Fear of the Dark)

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder. They are extreme, persistent and overwhelming fear of an animal, object, person, activity, environment or situation.

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30 Unusual Phobias You Never Knew Existed

Phobias are about more than just fear. People with phobias can have marked anxiety about a specific object or situation that can lead to clinically significant distress.

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Quick Guide to Specific Phobia

Specific phobia is a mental health condition in which a child has an extreme and uncontrollable fear of something that is not actually dangerous. 

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Phobias, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress in children

Specific phobias are fears of particular things or situations. These fears are quite common in children.

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